Can ferrets infect a pregnant woman or the baby?

Answer It's possible, ferrets can contract some of the same diseases as cats or dogs. Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and treat for fleas. Use precautions the same as dog or cats. Was... Read More »

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A pregnant woman is taking flu medication prescribed by her doctor The baby is born severly deformed Does she and the baby have a claim?

Deformities are caused in the first few weeks of pregnancy almost before the woman even knows she is pregnant. There are so many things that can cause deformity and flu medication is not among them... Read More »

What can cat litter do to a pregnant woman's baby?

There are a few potential problems regarding pregnant women and cat litter. The first is that cat urine contains ammonia: some people say that breathing in the ammonia fumes can harm the fetus. How... Read More »

Can you feel the baby while fingering a pregnant woman?

No first of all your fingers aren't long enough and ppl have intercourse without the penis even getting close. Second there is a mucus plug in the way that stops the water and fetus to come out and... Read More »

Can a pregnant woman lose her baby from drug use?

AnswerYES, All drugs and alcohol consumed whilst pregnant can and usually does effect the unborn child.My advise is to STOP taking any drugs and think about how these actions could be harming the b... Read More »