Can feral cats die from heat stroke being outside?

Answer Feral cats can die of heat stroke. If the cat is unable to find shade or water, his body temperature can rise to over 106 degrees F. Signs of heat stroke include heavy panting, staggering, rapid he... Read More »

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An Airman has collapsed on the flight-line because of the heat and you suspect it may be heat stroke Because of the severity of this type of heat emergency you must immediately?

Word? You're asking this? You were born in California, that's in America. You're cool. Go to the local government office that handles birth and death certificates and they can get you a copy of you... Read More »

How to Trap Feral Cats?

A feral cat is one that has adapted to living outdoors in a wild state and is often ill-suited to life as a pet. Usually sexually intact, these animals form inbred colonies. Humanely trapping these... Read More »

Can I get fleas from feeding feral cats?

It is possible for you to get fleas from feral cats, as well as other diseases such as rabies, ringworm, various parasites and bacterial diseases. If you care for feral cats, it is best to take pre... Read More »

How to Spay & Neuter Feral Cats?

Feral cats can live in your neighborhood or deep in the woods. A feral cat differs from a stray cat as feral cats are born in the wild and do not know the lifestyle of a "house" cat, while a stray ... Read More »