Can fat protect you from stab wounds?

Answer *lack of bio knowledge*I suppose it depends how fat he is. In general, fat people not only have bigger bellies but bigger stomachs too (sad product of overeating).15cm sounds long enough to hit the... Read More »

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What are the possible symptoms of 17 stab wounds to the chest?

you drink milk and they pour out of your nipples like the waterfall at the mall

How do you comfort someone who is in pain and dying of multiple stab wounds?

Call a hospital which is 911 and also police department and fire department is 911

How to Protect Tree Wounds?

A tree "wound" occurs when a branch or bark is cut or broken off a tree. As on human skin, neglecting a tree wound can lead to decay, infection or permanent damage to the tree. When a tree has been... Read More »

How to Perform an Eye Stab?

You will learn how to resolve some situations by stabbing an attacker's eyes with your fingers.