Can farting on someone's pillow cause them to get pink eye?

Answer you mean the brown eye causes pink eye? no way!

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When Can I Give My Child a Pillow in Bed?

Toddlers and young children often want to sleep with pillows because they see their parents and older siblings sleeping with pillows. That doesn't mean, however, that it's a good idea to let them ... Read More »

How come i can't stop farting is there a way to make your body to stop farting?

Farting and sometimes indigestion that goes with it is often caused by eating too many carbohydrates. Eating less, and eating small meals with more protein and a little fat will help. Eating two ... Read More »

What is the meaning of "Just give me a reason" by pink?

I think it means that regardless of what's happened during their relationship, they are not "broken just bent" and they can learn to love again and rebuild the relationship. It reflects in Nates ve... Read More »

Do you put the pillow under your chin when you're putting the pillow case on?

No, I put the pillows on my knees, extend the opening of the case and slide it over them. The pillows that is, not my knees.