Can falling hard on your tail bone make the top of your head hurt?

Answer Yeah, if your head is in your a**. (lol, I couldn't resist)Seriously, it sounds like you could have pulled something in your back and/or your neck, which is possible anytime you fall or are in any ... Read More »

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Could a small hard lump right below your ear next to your jaw bone that doesn't hurt be related to your wisdom tooth coming in?

AnswerIt could be related to your wisdom tooth coming in, but you also have lymph nodes in that area, too. If the lump has been there for several weeks and doesn't seem like a pimple or other minor... Read More »

Why does my tail bone hurt?

I may be way off base with this, but I had a friend who had a similar problem. They got the problem when they started lifting heavy weight. One time (and there wasn't any pain during the incident... Read More »

I Think I hurt My Tail Bone... HELP!?

Doctor and then possibly they will do x-ray.

Fractured my tail bone,is it suppose to hurt this bad?

Tailbone pains are the WORST. I fractured my tailbone a few years ago, and it hurt for about a year, (although not so intensely after a while)I hope it gets better for you, but it's not unusual for... Read More »