Can falling hard on your tail bone make the top of your head hurt?

Answer Yeah, if your head is in your a**. (lol, I couldn't resist)Seriously, it sounds like you could have pulled something in your back and/or your neck, which is possible anytime you fall or are in any ... Read More »

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I Think I hurt My Tail Bone... HELP!?

Doctor and then possibly they will do x-ray.

Why does my tail bone hurt?

I may be way off base with this, but I had a friend who had a similar problem. They got the problem when they started lifting heavy weight. One time (and there wasn't any pain during the incident... Read More »

Fractured my tail bone,is it suppose to hurt this bad?

Tailbone pains are the WORST. I fractured my tailbone a few years ago, and it hurt for about a year, (although not so intensely after a while)I hope it gets better for you, but it's not unusual for... Read More »

What would hurt less-Falling from a bridge, being hit by a train or being shot in the head-I NEED TO KNOW?

Shot in the head because you would feel no pain