Can eye jerking be a seizure?

Answer On One Hand: Jerking Movements Are Associated With SeizuresSeizures are the result of abnormal brain activity, so they can affect any activity controlled by the brain, including eye movement. Acco... Read More »

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Trying to find out what caused my 17 mth old to have a seizure one minute he was fine running and playing then he was having a seizure it was so terrifying.?

The most common cause of seizure between tha ages of six months to six years is febrile seizure. If the child did not have fever at that time other causes have to be considered. The child needs to ... Read More »

Really sick, spent a good hour immobilized last night, jerking uncontrollably. WTH?

Sounds like a seizure my wife had after being put on new meds. Definitely go to a dr, this sounds bad.(((ILF)))

Was this a seizure or something else?

Did I have a seizure?

Nope, your head just got really dizzy and messed up from the pressure.