Gettin color bands on braces changed, wat color should i get?

Answer Get silver because they will match the color of the wire and the brackets. That's the color I've been using for two and a half years now.

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My eye changed color?

It happens as people grow up from a kid to a teen of adult, usaully a family trait

My eyes changed color huh>?

Your eyes can and will change color when things in your system change like to much sugar causes yellowing of the Iris.....I have an iridologist background which is the study of the Iris

How do you fix ipad2 when the color changed red?

about $399 in the US, although this model is disappearing now.

Can the color of a refrigerator be changed?

It is possible to repaint a refrigerator in order to change the color. Use a type of spray paint called appliance epoxy, or find regular paint that is made specifically for use in the kitchen. HGTV... Read More »