Can estrace cause a false negative?

Answer You may receive a false negative on a pregnancy test because you took the test too early, incorrectly or waited too long to read the results. The hormone estrace should not influence the effectiven... Read More »

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Do narcotics cause false-negative pregnancy tests?

On One Hand: Narcotics Will Not Alter Pregnancy TestsNarcotics, including cocaine, marijuana, heroine and alcoholic drinks, will not cause false-negative pregnancy test results, according to the U.... Read More »

Can medication for seizures cause a false negative result from a serum pregnancy test?

%DETAILS% Answer I remember reading on the instructions that only meds containing hcg hormone will affect the test. To be on the safe side I would still check with the doctor

Can estrace cause fever?

Estrace is an estrogen replacement drug used to treat hot flashes and vaginal dryness in menopausal women. Estrace does not cause a fever, but side effects may include swollen breasts, feet and ank... Read More »

Can you have a false negative blood pregnancy test?

Yes this is possible.I have a friend who had taken several test all neg,then she went in for a blood test that came back negative.Well when her period never showed she kept testing and finally she ... Read More »