Can energy drinks make you lose your food appetite?

Answer You feel hungry when your brain need sugar (it's energy comes from 99% glucose). Drinking energy drinks will make you lose your appetite because of high content of sugar but it has no positive cons... Read More »

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How much Ritalin will make me lose my appetite?

30mg would usually have a big effect on your appetite although 20mg could as well if you are under ~120 pounds

How to Make Homemade Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks are the new rage with everyone from teen partygoers to serious athletes to the average person that just wants a pick-me-up before that long corporate reorganization meeting. The probl... Read More »

Are there any drinks that taste like energy drinks?

There's this drink called Neuro Bliss that I love. It's basically like water that makes you happy

What happens if an 8 year old drinks 3 boost energy drinks?

That's the same as giving her like 6 espressos. Are you freaking crazy? Nothing will happen to her except shell have a hell of a lot of energy, don't do it again. The caffeine is those can be addi... Read More »