Can energy drinks have a serious effect on me?

Answer Yeah! Energy Drinks can be really bad for you! Especially when you are drinking as much as you are!!! Slow it down, at least. Try 1-3 a day instead. The side effects will go away. But it will proba... Read More »

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Energy drinks suddenly having no effect but why...?

Maybe your tolerance has grown to it. That's kinda how I am, caffeine does nothing for me anymore. Maybe if you didn't drink them for a couple weeks and tried again it may help

Do you have to be 18 to buy energy drinks?

As of 2010, the U.S. government does not regulate the sale of energy drinks to minors, unless the energy drinks contain alcohol. This could change in the future if studies indicate that the drinks ... Read More »

My mom won't let me have energy drinks?

If you're under sixteen you shouldn't FYI... But if you're over sixteen respect her decisions but try to respectfully come to terms with her, like say you'll just have one at the most four times a ... Read More »

Have I had too many energy drinks?

yes you have had too many you should never exceed 3 in one day