Can energy drinks have a serious effect on me?

Answer Yeah! Energy Drinks can be really bad for you! Especially when you are drinking as much as you are!!! Slow it down, at least. Try 1-3 a day instead. The side effects will go away. But it will proba... Read More »

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Energy drinks suddenly having no effect but why...?

Maybe your tolerance has grown to it. That's kinda how I am, caffeine does nothing for me anymore. Maybe if you didn't drink them for a couple weeks and tried again it may help

What happens if an 8 year old drinks 3 boost energy drinks?

That's the same as giving her like 6 espressos. Are you freaking crazy? Nothing will happen to her except shell have a hell of a lot of energy, don't do it again. The caffeine is those can be addi... Read More »

What is the single most important ingredient in energy drinks that actually gives you energy?

How are energy drinks like red bull and monster energy made?

Rotate the can until you see 'ingredients'. Read them.