Can endometriosis stop you from getting pregnant?

Answer It can make it harder. That does not mean you can't, though. You can chart your ovulation, check your temperature with an ovulation thermometer BEFORE YOU GET OUT OF BED, and have sex during that t... Read More »

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I was prescribed Progesterone for endometriosis will it stop my periods & make me gain weight?

Probably won't stop your periods but you can grow facial hair, experience a deepening of voice.See a Naturopath or Homeopath. This condition can be reversed without drugs.

What can stop you from getting pregnant can eating rocks stop you from getting pregnant?

Not if you are a goldfish or a polar bear. But if you are human, YES!Sex, just for the sake of sex is not right. That's one of the things that raises humans above other mammals. Sex should be saved... Read More »

What is Endometriosis?

Under normal circumstances, endometrium covers the surface of cavity of uterine body. If the endometrium grows on other body structures, we call it endometriosis. Endometriosis probably results in ... Read More »

Does endometriosis cause leg pain?

Endometriosis, which is a disorder of the female reproductive system, has many varied symptoms. Among these are pelvic bone and lower spinal pain. However, women with endometriosis are much more li... Read More »