Can employers pay different salaries for the same job?

Answer Employers are at liberty to pay different salaries for the same job. Many factors can go into determining a person's salary such as the knowledge, skills and special abilities an employee may bring... Read More »

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How many employers do the BBC have?

Employers & Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is chronic medical condition that affects millions of Americans and their employers. Diabetes results from an imbalance in the body's ability to produce or use insulin. People wit... Read More »

Do employers pay unemployment?

Employers fund the unemployment benefits system through special payroll taxes charged by both the federal government and the individual states. The federal tax rate is the same for all employers, b... Read More »

What do employers look for on a credit report?

In addition to background checks, employers are increasingly requesting and evaluating prospective employees' credit reports. This practice is legal and is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act... Read More »