Can employers hold paychecks until a certain time on payday?

Answer Laws in regards to "payment of wages" vary by state, type of work and industry. Unless dealing with a "time of day" payment requirement under state law, employers can hold paychecks until a certain... Read More »

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Can you have two payday loans at a time?

Generally, you cannot receive two payday loans at the same time. While a payday lender does not check a customer's credit score, they do check with a verifier to make sure you do not have a loan ou... Read More »

Are employers required to give time off with pay for federal holidays?

The Fair Labor Standards Act---which establishes the minimum wage, overtime pay, accounting, and child-labor law that serves as the federal labor standard for both private and public employees in t... Read More »

Is there a federal law requiring employers to give time off to vote?

There are no federal laws that require employers to grant employees time off to vote in elections. However, laws governing time off to vote can be found in many states and they are referred to as ... Read More »

Can you legally hold two full time jobs at the same time?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, you can hold two, or even more, fulltime jobs. If you do so, you should complete the Multiple Earnings Worksheet and calculate total allowances using only... Read More »