Can employers get criminal background checks?

Answer Although laws vary from state to state, it is very common for employers to run background checks on potential employees. Employers can get this information by doing an Internet search or by accessi... Read More »

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What percentage of employers run basic background checks?

According to an article published in 2004 by the Washington Post, 80 percent of employers perform background checks on employees. The article also states that employee behavior is a concern for emp... Read More »

Criminal Background Checks for Colleges?

Criminal background checks are standard procedure for most colleges and universities when hiring faculty and staff. But until recently, most colleges did not conduct background checks on prospectiv... Read More »

Types of Criminal Background Checks?

Criminal record checks have become increasingly common in recent years as a way for employers to evaluate potential employees. Employers use background checks to insure the safety of their employee... Read More »

Texas Requirements for Criminal Background Checks?

Employers, landlords, and government officials are some of the professionals that perform criminal background checks. Texas laws around fingerprint and name-based background investigations (the two... Read More »