Can email be used as evidence in a custody trial?

Answer Answer No, not at all, a woman has the right to talk to guys online or in person, even if it's cheating. It doesn't pose any danger to the kids, and that's the only way a mother will lose her kids.... Read More »

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Why digital photography cant be use as evidence in court trial?

Because the images can easily be changed from the original, and there is no negative to which they can be compared.

How to Dispute False Evidence in a Jury Trial?

In a jury trial, the outcome is decided by a jury selected from the public, rather than by a judge, who oversees what is called a bench trial. All evidence that's given at trial has to follow the r... Read More »

What is a pre-trial custody settlement?

A pre-trial custody settlement occurs when all parties to a custody case (usually the parents) are able to reach an agreement and avoid going to trial. This usually refers to a settlement that is r... Read More »

What is a pre-trial in a child custody case?

A pre-trial, commonly called a pre-trial conference, is an informal session before a judge designed to establish a schedule, create a witness and exhibit list, and resolve various procedural matter... Read More »