Can electrical appliances be packed in checked in luggage?

Answer On One Hand: Appliances Are AllowedAccording to the Transportation Security Administration's Prohibited Items list, as of March 2010, electrical appliances are not banned from checked luggage.On th... Read More »

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Can a multi-tool be packed in checked luggage?

Packing a multi-tool into checked luggage is allowable according to the Transportation Security Administration. When packing a multi-tool, close it securely to prevent sharp points from injuring ba... Read More »

Do they X-ray checked luggage?

Every piece of luggage, both carry-on and checked baggage, passes through X-ray machines before being placed onto an airplane. Checked baggage passes through a machine called an Explosive Detection... Read More »

Is luggage checked all the way?

There are different factors that determine whether or not your luggage will be checked all the way to your final destination. These include airline changes; some layovers; and, for those traveling ... Read More »

How big can my checked luggage be?

The normal size limit for airlines is 62 inches linear: height plus width plus depth. An average sized suitcase is 28 inches high by 21 inches wide and has a depth of 12 inches, which adds up to 61... Read More »