Can electric guitars be tuned like lap steels?

Answer Both electric and lap steel slide guitars share six strings which can be tuned to any pitch desired. From order of string one to string six, traditional guitars are tuned as E-B-G-D-A-E. Open G, or... Read More »

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Can electric guitars be tuned in heavy gauge string?

Yes. Guitarists often use heavier string gauges depending on their play style and how they tune a guitar. Heavier gauges keep the strings from getting too loose in lower tunings, but they are hard... Read More »

How do I invest in electric guitars?

ResearchPurchase a guitar collector's guide to use as a researching tool when considering purchasing electric guitars.Name BrandsPurchase electric guitars from manufacturers that are well known--pr... Read More »

How do I learn about electric guitars?

Look OnlineVisit a variety of websites that offer unbiased information on electric guitars. The Gibson Guitar Corp. is a well-known guitar manufacturer. Its website,, offers specific and... Read More »

How are electric guitars made?

Technological advances have streamlined the process of building electric guitars, but many top luthiers still rely on the tradition of hands-on hardware and electronics installation. Either way, th... Read More »