Can eating too much watermellon make me gain weight?

Answer Im sure your fine (: fruit never made someone fat :P it actually boosts your metabolism and has low calories also its a source of essential vitamins to keep you healthy and happy, i think your fine!

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Can Eating Too Much Fruit Lead to Weight Gain?

Weight gain is caused by eating more calories than you expend. Fruits and vegetables are part of a nutritious diet, but too much fruit may lead to weight gain. Incorporating fruit into your diet in... Read More »

Will over eating 2 days make me gain weight?

No but you dieted the last 3 days of the week for nothing, that mean you're back to where you were Tuesday.

Does eating dessert every night make you gain weight?

Are you kidding? Eating low fat frozen yoghurt with strawberries makes you diet a lot more healthier, these sort of foods are great as they provide vitamins and minerals which you need for body mai... Read More »

Can you gain weight eating twizzlers?

If you don't use the calories from the twizzlers then yes. If your goal is to gain weight there are much better options such as peanut butter sandwiches