Can eating too much be a sign of PMS just asking...?

Answer Yes, pms can affect people in many different ways, everyone is different

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What is your baby / toddlers eating schedule (there is a reason for asking this)?

8/9am - waking up - 9oz Whole Milk10.30am - piece of toast/cereal or a fruit salad12.30pm - pasta/sandwich and a yoghurt or jelly2/3pm - raisins/banana/cereal bar 5pm - tea - mashed potato's (with ... Read More »

Am I overweight.. Just asking?

Don't take anybody's else opinion as yours. People can say and think whatever they want. The most important is what do you see and think and how do you feel about yourself. 1) You are still growing... Read More »

..Sorry...I'm just asking...?

I bet you have a digital camera, one that doesn't use old fashion films. If that's the case, all you need to do is buy a memory card reader. I bought one from Circuit City for $10.First take a pic... Read More »

Do you need to sign a proof of loss statement if the appraiser and umpire decide the claim amount or just sign the settlement check to close the case?

Signing a Proof of Loss Statement You needn't do either as long as you have given the appraiser full right to negotiate your claim on your behalf. Therefore, when the appraiser signs the appraisal... Read More »