Can eating too many cucumbers while pregnant be harmful?

Answer probably not. during my pregnancy i was paranoid about eating too many carrots. your body will expel most of those extra nutrients that you don't need out.

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Is eating lemons while pregnant harmful?

No, eating lemons is not harmful to the baby. However, eating lemons undiluted is very harmful to the enamel on your teeth since they are very acidic. Moderation is the key.

If you are addicted to eating Johnson pure corn starch baby powder and now you are pregnant is it harmful to the baby and you?

Answer I am not sure why anyone would eat corn starch, although there is a condition associated with pregnancy called Pica. Pica is the strange cravings that some women get during pregnancy. Women ... Read More »

What they say about eating cucumbers on a regular basis...?


Of course you can eat them, no they are not harmful. Of course they are digestible. You can stuff them with mushroom and cheese and tuna and all sorts of stuff - they are high in fibre and good for... Read More »