Does eating a fair amount of chocolate cause pimples?

Answer There has been no link to food and acne which is odd to me because if certain foods can make your skin better, than some foods certainly should make it worse. So, there is no proof out there but ev... Read More »

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Does eating chocolate give you pimples?

only if they have peanuts or other nuts

Does eating chocolate cause pins and needles in the fingers?

It might be the caffeine in the chocolate not just the chocolate that is making him feel that. You should look into other things w/ caffeine to see if that has the same effect.

Does drinking soda pop and eating chocolate cause acne?

No, drinking carbonated drinks, candy, or anything with oil or sugar do not cause acne at all. This is a common myth, and has been proven wrong many times.People have different hormonal balances th... Read More »

Does eating sweets make you get pimples?

I've just tested the candy part-no.(Hallowe'en candy)