Can eating a lot of bananas harm you?

Answer Once a day banana is fine but it is always a good idea to have a balanced diet. There is heaps of other fruit so why not try another piece of fruit say once a week.

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Is eating bananas daily bad for one's health?

I love bananas and I think you should enjoy them freely. Of course you don't want to eat bananas to the exclusion of other healthy foods. In other words you cannot LIVE on them alone. But you can't... Read More »

Will eating bananas give you a bigger butt?

Answer You need to learn about nutrition and not listen to old wives tales. Knowledge is power!

Is there any harm in babies eating grass?

Will eating sugAr harm unborn baby?

Not if it's in a normal amount. Some women get pregnancy diabetes so one has to be careful. Sugar is not just in candy but also in fruit.