Can earthworms be cut& live?

Answer Under certain conditions, earthworms can survive after being severed. An earthworm can lose as much of a third of its lower body and live, even growing a new posterior section. Growing a new head i... Read More »

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Do earthworms live in their food?

Earthworms live in soil or leaf litter and eat newly dead or decaying plant material and detritus (particles of organic matter). They eat as much as their own body weight in soil, sand and minute s... Read More »

How far down in the ground do earthworms live?

The majority of earthworms live in the top six inches of soil. There are some varieties that live several meters below ground. Earthworms break down organic matter, aerate and help drain soil.Sourc... Read More »

Do earthworms live in swamps?

Earthworms live in almost every corner on earth. Swamps are perfect places for them because of the moist environment, which earthworms require. Earthworms do not have lungs; instead, they breathe t... Read More »

How far into the ground do earthworms live?

Earthworms are found in most damp soil across the planet. Although the depths of their burrows vary, most worms live within three specific depths. Surface dwelling worms live 1 to 20 inches below t... Read More »