Can earphones ruin your hearing?

Answer If your music or whatever isn't that loud, then no but if it is really loud then yes. If you are worried about that you should stay away from the ear phones that go like deep down in you ear. Heres... Read More »

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Does the dance EQ on your ipod ruin your earphones?

When a system is equalized for dance, the low end (bass) ranges are typically increased to enhance the beat. The regular iPod earphones don't handle a lot of base well. This is a possible explanati... Read More »

Can earphones damage your hearing?

If you listen to it very loud for a prolonged amount of time, then yes. It will count as hearing loss later in life.

Are earphones safer for your hearing than earbuds?

To me, it makes sense that they are. And by earphones, I am assuming you mean the regular, outside-of-the-ear headphones? Here's a link from CBS from a while back that I thought was interesting:htt... Read More »

Why might earbuds rather than canister-style earphones pose a greater risk of hearing damage?

I got these headphones a little while ago, and I gotta say they're overpriced. The $20 Skullcandy's I had before have better sound quality. However, they're a lot more durable. I went through about... Read More »