Can dyeing your hair make a postive drug hair test negative ?

Answer No. And nothing out there will "mask" it, either. Don't waste your money.

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How to Do a Strand Test Before Dyeing Your Hair?

Do a strand test first to make sure your hair doesn't fall out!Doing a strand test is an important step in dyeing your hair that should not be skipped. A strand test ensures you get the color resul... Read More »

Will Dyeing Your Hair Lighter Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

Thin hair can be a natural part of the aging process, an indicator of health problems or a matter of genetics. Dyeing hair has often been proposed as a method of bolstering thin strands, but the ef... Read More »

How much hair is needed for a hair drug test?

The standard follicle drug test requires at least 60 mg of hair, which generally equals anywhere from 90 to 120 strands, depending on how thick or coarse the hairs are.Source:Omega Laboratories: Fo... Read More »

How to Make Hair Lighter Without Dyeing?

If you wish to lighten your hair naturally, you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Hair lightening produces different results for different people depending on your hair color a... Read More »