Can dvds play on blu ray players?

Answer Blue ray

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Can normal dvds play on blu ray dvds players?

Can blu-ray players play DVDs?

Not necessarily. Different Blu-ray Disc Players (BDP) support different formats. A "BDP" without model number is sure to play Blu-ray discs. Most (95%) support "DVD" format. The easiest way to see ... Read More »

Can DVD players play HD DVDs?

HD DVDs can only be played on HD DVD players. Because HD DVDs use a different video format that cannot be read by traditional DVD players, HD DVDs are basically unusable unless you own an HD DVD pl... Read More »

Can blu-ray players play ur old dvds?

Don't be slammin' on Wikipedia. Surveys and other tests have proven its no less accurate than proprietary online encyclopedias! It may be prone to mischief, but targeted articles are almost immed... Read More »