Can dvd+r discs be used as a cd?

Answer No. DVD readers (and writers) and CD players use different wavelengths of light to record and play back data; DVDs use light in the red portion of the spectrum, while CDs use near-infrared light. T... Read More »

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How to Hook Up a DVR to a DVDR to a VHS to a TV?

A DVR, or digital video recorder, captures programming from a cable/satellite receiver. Oftentimes the DVR is the receiver, allowing you to free up some space on the entertainment center. The DVR a... Read More »

Can you get a remote for a dvdr 70 rewriter?

What is the difference between the battlestar galactica complete series limited edition of 25 discs and the DVD box set of seasons 1-4 with 33 discs?

How to format DVDR and i also need to know how to burn a iso file to it?

R/W can be re-used. dvd r is trash after a failed burn