Can dvd+r discs be used as a cd?

Answer No. DVD readers (and writers) and CD players use different wavelengths of light to record and play back data; DVDs use light in the red portion of the spectrum, while CDs use near-infrared light. T... Read More »

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What Are DVD R Discs Used for?

Data storage is the most notable feature of a DVD-R disk. DVD-R stands for Digital Video Disk-Recordable. The storage capacity on a standard DVD-R is 4.71 Gigabytes per layer of disk. A dual layere... Read More »

What is the principle used in blue ray discs?

The PS3 only has a blu-ray drive built-in to a console.

How are lasers used with compact discs?

Lasers and compact discs have been popular since their introduction in the early 1980s. These two items interact together to create the newest form of data storage.FunctionLasers serve as a light s... Read More »

What type of file system is used by Blue-ray discs?

Just as a player like the PS3 has the capability to play the DVDs and Cds along with the Blue Ray discs and a DVD writer can also write Cds