Do ducks eat tadpoles?

Answer Wild ducks eat plants, crustaceans and animals smaller than they are--including tadpoles if available. Domesticated ducks, or pet ducks, typically eat duck food purchased at a pet store designed to... Read More »

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How do ducks get pregnant?

Well how do people get pregnet.

How to Breed Ducks?

Whether you decide to breed ducks for a hobby or as a small business venture, the smartest way to start out is by obtaining information on breeding ducks. Though they are easy to care for in compar... Read More »

Are ducks colorblind?

According to Argonne National Laboratory, despite the popular myth that ducks are colorblind, there is actually no or little difference between the color perception of humans and ducks (or any bird... Read More »

Do ducks use Facebook?

Not me. Why do you ask ?I see there is a Philip K Duck on Facebook, but it ain't me.i only use this forum, but Yahoo puts our material on other sites, as I'm sure you know.