Can drumming damage the ears?

Answer Hearing damage can be caused by many factors, including exposure to high sound-pressure levels (SPL). Playing or listening to drums at close range exposes your ears to sounds exceeding 125 dB SPL, ... Read More »

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Do Earphones Damage Ears?

Whether you enjoy music at home or on the go, it's more than likely you use headphones or earphones to listen to your tunes. Listening to music with these accessories will not cause any serious dam... Read More »

Can headphones damage your childrens ears?

It has been scientifically proven that loud music over prolonged periods can damage the eardrums of developing children. It is important that you get your child earphones with safety features that ... Read More »

How much damage do teens get in there ears from headphones?

How to Begin Drumming?

There are some great drummers in the world, and you could become one with practice and dedication! This is an easy way to begin playing without actually using drums.