Can driving long distances hurt your lower back?

Answer On One Hand: Car Design Works Against UsThe way cars are designed today provides for more efficient space. But because of the car seat arrangement, a great deal of pressure is put on the lower back... Read More »

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Does your lower back and lower abdomen hurt during early pregnancy?

You have cramps and your lower back hurts and your legs hurt What is wrong?

You don't mention how close you are to your period or if you just had one. From what you wrote it sounds like PMS to me. I had these symptoms all my life just before my period and a bit after. Ther... Read More »

How to heal a hurt lower back?

The quadratus lumborum is a muscle that runs along the lower back on either side. Low back pain is the most common symptom with strain of this muscle and it can be quite troublesome. The source lin... Read More »

I hurt my lower back working, How can i fix the pain?

Hi there: try a hot bath and add some Epsom's salts. This will relax your muscles and help you with the soreness. You have a fine day