Can drinking too much coffee on a hot day cause dehydration?

Answer YES, YES. YES!!! Not just caffeine but also too much sugar.Many mistakenly think drinking anything sweet as a replacement for water but it only increases the thirst level - - so WORD IS- drink wat... Read More »

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Drinking no water but soda for 24 hours , dehydration?

Drinking water is so important for hydrating the body and for maintaining the overall well functioning of different body systems and organs. You should never substitute drinking water which is pret... Read More »

When was the last time that your brand of coffee sent you a check for drinking or recommending their coffee?

Uh, never. It's not a common practice where I live.

Is drinking coffee really bad?

One cup a day is completly fine there are actually benefits to it ... its when you drink 5 it may cause adverse effects... kind of like wine 1 glass a day is actually very good for y ou but if you ... Read More »

Am i drinking to much coffee?

No such thing. Come over, and we will have a coffee drinking [or enema, whatever] party.