Can drinking an energy drink affect your heart?

Answer Yes, definitely. They're much stronger than need be. Yourheart is warning you, please listen

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Drinking energy drink then having water?

Do you drink other caffeinated drinks? If you do not then this would be the cause. It is the only thing in an energy drink that could give you a headache. Caffeine is a drug, if you are not use to ... Read More »

Feel Wierd after drinking Rockstar Energy drink?

I drink a lot of Rockstar Energy Drinks and I have experienced some side effects like nausea, shivering/shaking and anxiety. This usually passes as the effects of the drink begin to wear off.All of... Read More »

Drinking sweet drink everyday will affect my life HELP!!!?

does diabetes run in your family? If it does then yes it is possiable.You should attempt to be as healthy as you can.Try making your own tea at home, use half organic sugar and half honey to sweete... Read More »

What are the side effect and damage drinking 2 litre's of energy drink?

that is way too much sugar and caffeine, drink lots lots of water. I wouldn't drink that much again, obviously and you should find an energy drink that doesn't have that much sugar. I drink XS en... Read More »