Can drinking acid stuff like juices make your joints crack?

Answer No. Orange juice is super tasty and good for you. It has vitamin C, Folate, potassium and thiamin. Orange juice is acidic, with a typical pH of around 3.5 but this does not damage joints.

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How many of your body's joints can you crack?

The knee cracks when I am sitting and straighten it out. The fingers crack when they have been on my mouse too long. The back used to crack when I laid down but since I have been exercising it do... Read More »

What causes the chest bone to crack (like when you crack your knuckles/back)?

my chest bone cracks sometimes too. it happens when i stay in the same position for a while and then when i move my arms (especially inwards) it cracks and is slightly painful. i have started going... Read More »

Could drinking a lot of carbonated water cause your lips to swell and crack?

You could either make the drive to Florida for every UTA (which would turn out to be very costly and time consuming), or you could do an Interstate Transfer to the North Carolina Air National Guard... Read More »

Does anyone remember what children's TV show 'handy hints' the hand that helped them make stuff was in. They made stuff like dinosaurs out of milk bottles?

I remember that program too! But cant for the life of me remember the name and want to find out!! Did you find out?