Can down feather pillows be washed?

Answer Down pillows are wonderfully soft and cushiony, but many people wonder how difficult it might be to clean them. Fears about mildewing, damaging the feathers or the pillow itself, or being unable to... Read More »

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Do feather pillows have more dust mites than foam pillows?

According to the Sierra Club, feather pillows do contain more dust mites than foam ones. In fact, feather pillows, also known as down pillows, harbor more dust mites than any other pillow type. Not... Read More »

Can pillows be washed If not, now often should they be replaced?

Most of the time yes, except for the newfangled new ones that feel like sand or sawdust or seeds. You have to read the washing instructions on those. If you have a washable pillow, wash it every no... Read More »

How Are Down & Feather Pillows Made?

The most common pillow stuffings are polyester, down and feather. Polyester, while hypoallergenic and durable, flattens over time and traps heat. Feathers are a mid-range filler: Pillows stuffed wi... Read More »

How to Wash Feather Pillows?

Soft, comfortable pillows are key factors to getting a good night's sleep. Because they are extra soft, shapeable and long lasting, many people chose feather pillows to complete their bedding. Soft... Read More »