Can doing hard work at a young age hurt you in the future?

Answer I guess working at the tanning salon wont kill you long term , but you might want to quit now and get a job at baskin robbins so you dont were yourself out.

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Survey;If hard work pays off in the future?

Can you hurt yourself from coughing too hard?

There is one problem with coughing too hard and that is that you could end up with a hernia. The pulled muscle that you are referring to could possibly be a hernia. A lump or a bulge is usually w... Read More »

Can working too hard hurt my fetus?

On One Hand: Greater Risk of ComplicationsWorking too hard may harm an expectant mother or her unborn child. According to the Mayo Clinic, women who work excessive hours, stand for long periods, li... Read More »

How to Eat Hard Food When Your Teeth Hurt?

Some people have sensitive teeth, and whenever they eat hard foods, their teeth hurt. Here are some tips to prevent that.