Really bad tummy ache from eating WAY too much chocolate!?

Answer Wait it out. It will go away in 2-3 hours.DO NOT throw up. The stomach acids will burn your esophagus and mouth, and eat the enamel off the back of your teeth. This could become serious and caus... Read More »

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Can dogs get sick from eating pork?

On One Hand: Dogs Can Eat PorkAccording to veterinarian James Glover of, "pork in itself is as harmless to dogs as chicken, beef or any other meat." As report... Read More »

How to Stop Dogs from Eating Dog Poop?

Dog Coprophagia is a prevalent problem in pet dogs. There are some simple techniques you can employ to stop this filthy and potentially dangerous problem.

Dogs & Food Poisoning From Eating Raw Pork?

Dogs are notoriously undiscriminating about what they eat, given the chance. With the growth of raw meat diets for dogs, more people are giving their dogs raw meat daily, often including pork. This... Read More »

Do dogs keep rabbits and other animals from eating a garden?

Most animals that will invade your garden will do it at night. Its likely they just haven't found your garden yet, or they have found plenty to eat elsewhere. Id keep a close eye on the garden. A f... Read More »