Does a baby have nightmares?

Answer Yes babys do have nightmares so do adults its a natural thing for human biengs

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Is it normal to have nightmares regularly?

If you have the same nightmare repeatedly, that is called a recurring nightmare. I have always looked at dreaming as the mind's way of going a little nuts and not doing any real harm to ourselves ... Read More »

How does a newborn baby have nightmares?

Newborn babies can be bothered by many things, such as by gas in their gastro-intestinal tract, or by diaper rash, or by hunger, but they do not have nightmares. Nightmares require ideas, and that ... Read More »

Does your older baby ever have nightmares?

What your son experienced was a night terror. That is different from a nightmare. I literally JUST read about it because my daughter JUST had a nightmare last night. Read More »

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