Diseases of the Brain in Dogs?

Answer Dogs suffering from diseases of the brain are frequently confused and frightened by the changes taking place in their bodies. Owners are often fearful and feel helpless watching their beloved compa... Read More »

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Can seizures cause brain damage in dogs?

Seizures in dogs can be caused by several factors, including epilepsy, viruses and trauma. If a dog's seizure lasts for 10 minutes or longer, there is a very real possibility of severe and permanen... Read More »

How to Treat Brain Tumors in Dogs?

Brain tumors are very serious and affect thousands of dogs each year. The only way to properly diagnose a brain tumor is to give the dog a CT scan or an MRI. Once a tumor is detected, it is up to t... Read More »

Seizures and Brain Tumors in Dogs?

A seizure can be a frightening experience for both the dog and the owner. Seizures may be caused by various things including a brain tumor. Both the brain tumor and seizures have a possibility of b... Read More »

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