Do dogs give kids asthma?

Answer No, but pets can trigger allergic asthma or other exacerbations of existing asthma. Many people have allergies to pets such as dogs and cats. Usually the cause of the allergy is the proteins in the... Read More »

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Good Dogs for People With Asthma?

Owning a dog is an experience many individuals and families want to take part in, but dealing with asthma can make keeping certain breeds dangerous. There are, however, a number of breeds with shor... Read More »

Dogs That Are Good for Asthma Sufferers?

If you sneeze every time your neighbor's dog comes up for a pat on the head it's not actually the dog you're allergic to but the dander produced by the dog. Dander is the dry skin that flakes off, ... Read More »

Lists of Dogs for People With Allergies & Asthma?

Allergy season lasts all year when you are allergic to dogs. According to Pet Place, no dog is 100 percent allergy-free, but some breeds are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Each allergy ... Read More »

Are Italian Greyhounds good dogs to have if your child has asthma and allergies?

AnswerI have asthma and ive got a grayhound called sparcky!It's not the fur, but the pet dander that causes the reaction to asthma and allergies sufferes. Italian Greyhounds are hyper and great run... Read More »