Pork Allergies in Dogs?

Answer Just like humans, dogs can have allergies. Your dog can develop an allergy at any point in its life, so it can become sensitive to something that never bothered it before. If your dog has a pork a... Read More »

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Can you feed pork bones to dogs?

On One Hand: Raw or Cooked Bones are DangerousRaw pork products, including bones, are dangerous for dogs. They can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that are fatal to dogs. Any cooked bones, i... Read More »

Can dogs eat pork shoulder bones?

It's best that dogs don't eat pork shoulder bones. Cooked bones are brittle and could splinter, causing damage to the dog's digestive tract. Raw bones are less likely to splinter, but more likely t... Read More »

Can dogs get sick from eating pork?

On One Hand: Dogs Can Eat PorkAccording to veterinarian James Glover of, "pork in itself is as harmless to dogs as chicken, beef or any other meat." As report... Read More »

Are pork bones safe for dogs?

On One Hand: Dogs Love Pork BonesDogs chew on things. They chew on things they are not suppose to. By giving a dog a pork bone, they are less likely to chew on the new leather shoes you just purcha... Read More »