Can dogs eat deer bones?

Answer On One Hand: The Veterinary ConsensusConsumption of bones and other raw food presents many risks, not the least of which is bacterial contamination. Dogs can pass dangerous strains of E. coli and o... Read More »

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How to Make a Necklace of Deer Knuckle Bones?

Hunters have long made trophies from their kills. Trophies can vary from rugs to taxidermy. There are also more portable versions, like jewelry, that you can make yourself. If you would like to mak... Read More »

Can dogs eat raw bones?

On One Hand: Benefits of Raw BonesSome experts say that because dogs eat raw bones in the wild, no harm exists in consuming them. They can provide important nutrients, and they are safe because the... Read More »

Can dogs eat beef bones?

On One Hand: Beef Bones Offer Health BenefitsBeef bones, particularly knuckles and marrow, help clean your dog's teeth, provide the appropriate amount of minerals and stimulates full body exercise ... Read More »

Are ham bones safe for dogs to eat?

On One Hand: Ham Bones Are SafeIf you choose, you can give ham and the bone to your dog. According to Lambert Vet Supply, the meat should be fully cooked and you should supervise your dog as it che... Read More »