Can dogs eat cream of wheat?

Answer On One Hand: Cream of Wheat Is SafeMany human foods that are dangerous or toxic to dogs (such as chocolate or onions), but Cream of Wheat contains none of the most common of these, according to a l... Read More »

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Who invented cream of wheat?

Cream of Wheat was invented in 1893 by a group of flour millers in Grand Forks, North Dakota. They invented the product to save their business when they had problems selling their regular flour.Sou... Read More »

What is the origin of Cream of Wheat?

Around 1893, Tom Amidon, the head miller of a small, North Dakota flour mill, first created a "breakfast porridge" for his family from wheat taken from the first part of the milling process, define... Read More »

Is cream of wheat gluten free?

The keyword being "wheat" in that question is your answer.

Is wheat gluten flour poisonous for dogs?

Wheat gluten flour is not poisonous to dogs. However, some dogs are allergic to wheat or gluten products, which may cause dermatitis, itchy skin, baldness, a dull coat or an upset stomach.Reference... Read More »