Antibiotics for Cats & Dogs?

Answer Veterinarians prescribe antibiotics for dogs and cats when it is fairly certain that the pet is suffering from some type of infection, usually bacterial. Antibiotics are not useful if the infection... Read More »

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Giardia in Dogs & Cats?

Giardia commonly infects dogs and cats. The condition, giardiasis, occurs when a dog or cat ingests water or other substances infected with giardia cysts. It often causes diarrhea and can be a dan... Read More »

How to Introduce Dogs to Cats?

Wanting a cat and a dog, but not knowing how to introduce them to each other? Don't want them to fight? Follow these steps to bring dog and cat together.

How to Get Dogs and Cats to Get Along?

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Mange in Cats and Dogs?

Mange is a skin condition easily acquired by cats and dogs. Once your cat or dog is assessed with this condition, it is best to become educated about mange causes, types, prevention and treatment. ... Read More »