Can dogs and cats have babies together?

Answer No, they are completely different species and cannot interbreed.

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Can cats have babies with dogs?

How do cats and dogs affect babies?

In general cats and dogs can actually help the imune system of a baby or child. As the baby or child grows they are more likely to come into contact with the pet and thus this strengthens the imune... Read More »

Signs of Cats Having Babies?

Cats are complex animals and can be difficult to comprehend. Unlike many other creatures, they like solitude and have no instincts for living in groups. On the other hand, they can fit very well in... Read More »

Why Are Cats Jealous of Newborn Babies?

Many people believe cats are jealous of newborn babies. They go to great lengths to protect babies from cats, believing cats will claw, bite, otherwise attack or "suck the breath from" babies. Ther... Read More »