Can doctors tell if you've had sex?

Answer No they can not. The hymen can break very easily and some are born without or it can take more then once to break it so that is no longer a sign of virginity.

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Can you tell me some stupid mistakes youve done when u first learned how to drive?

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How do I tell my mum I need to go to the doctors?

Tell your mum your unwell and need to see a doctor and she should take you. If she knows you have been unwell and your asking her to take you then she should take you. Do you have any other family ... Read More »

When do i tell the doctors that i'm pregnant?

On One Hand: Early Doctor VisitWhen you find out you're pregnant, you will want to let the doctor know immediately. Call the doctor of your choice and set up an appointment. You will need to know y... Read More »

Can doctors tell the exact date you got pregnant?

Health providers typically use a general formula using the first day of the last menstruation to estimate the conception and due date. Unless a woman knows the exact date of conception or has been ... Read More »