Can doctors detect stomach cancer whit a regular xray test?

Answer 1. X-ray can't reveal stomach cancer.2. An Ultra Sound, followed up by CT scanning and needle biopsy can reveal and confirm stomach cancer.3. All your symptoms cited-----------------an offshoot of... Read More »

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Can a complete blood test detect ovarian cancer?

On One Hand: A Blood Count CannotA complete blood test, or complete blood count or blood panel, will not detect ovarian cancer. Stanford University states that complete blood counts can detect cert... Read More »

Can doctors miss a broken bone on a xray?

If I were you, I would get a second opinion. It sounds like it hurts a lot, but you also say you can walk on it. From my experience, it is near impossible to walk on a broken foot or ankle. However... Read More »

How do I get a blood test and Xray?

If your school/university doesn't do these, go to a local mec clinic or your family doctor. They will be able to get these done for you!

How do doctors detect what newborn babies are allergic to?

A doctor would have to draw a small sample of blood and test it.