Can divorced parent change daycare providers without other parent's consent?

Answer If they have sole legal custody- yes. If the parents have joint legal custody- each has a right to take part in that decision.

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In Florida do both parents have to consent to psychological treatment of a minor or can only one parent consent?

It might be helpful for you to contact the Child Protective Services in your home state. That would at least give you a start.

What can you do if your parents are divorced and you want to live with the other parent but the one you're with won't let you?

Your parent must request a modification in the court ordered custody. In virtually every state in the USA you can not choose which parent to live with as long as you are a minor. When parents are ... Read More »

What age can a minor child of divorced parents decide which parent to live with in West Virginia?

Can a parent legally take a child out of state without the other parents consent?