Can dish soap be harmful to babies?

Answer On One Hand: Sodium Laureth Sulfate in Dish SoapsThe Natural Health Information Center says, "Far from giving 'healthy shining hair' and 'beautiful skin,' soaps and shampoos containing sodium laure... Read More »

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What soap removes the most grease dish soap hand soap or shampoo?

Is genetic testing of prenatal babies harmful to the health of the babies and/or the mothers?

On One Hand: Genetic Testing Poses RisksPrenatal genetic testing of a developing fetus is done on fetal cells taken through amniocentesis, a sampling of amniotic fluid, or chorionic villus sampling... Read More »

You put dishwasher soap in the jet dry despinser now you have bubbles how to get the dish soap out of the despenser?

Take the door apart and remove the jet dry reservoir. Thoroughly rinse out the reservoir, then put everything back together.

How to Make Your Own Dish Soap With Dry Soap Powder?

If you are tired of purchasing dish soap from the store, you can make your own dish soap at home and always have it on hand. Commercial dish soaps can contain harsh additives. You can use a few bas... Read More »