Can disability wages from an insurance claim be garnished?

Answer If you travelled before the warnings about swine flu, travel insurance should cover you. However, if you travelled despite knowing the warnings about swine flu, it is unlikely that they will cover ... Read More »

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Can Social Security Disability Wages Be Garnished?

Garnishment is the process where a creditor, through legal process, intercepts portions of a debtor's wages to help recover an unpaid debt. Social Security Disability income is a federal benefit th... Read More »

What can be garnished from social security disability insurance?

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Can insurance paid disability benefits be garnished?

Can private disability insurance benefits be taken or garnished by creditors in California?

You don't mention your destination, but if you are traveling to the US I would recommend getting American Visitors Insurance. Google them, they are a great company that I've used many times while v... Read More »