Can disability checks be garnished?

Answer Yes, Social Security Disability checks can be garnished in specific circumstances. Per the Social Security Administration, the federal government can garnish your benefits. Debts to the government ... Read More »

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Can worker's compensation disability checks be garnished by debt collectors?

Answer Possibly, because WCI is a state regulated program, any legal action that could be taken by a creditor would depend upon the personal property exemption laws of the state.

Can VA disability be garnished?

Federal statutes prohibit satisfying debts to private individuals by garnishing VA benefits, including VA disability compensation, except for in the case of court-ordered child support and alimony.... Read More »

Can VA disability payments be garnished?

Veterans' Disability payments can be garnished under certain circumstances. Garnishment for child support obligations and alimony payments may be approved but a hardship test must be completed befo... Read More »

Can Social Security disability be garnished?

Social Security disability income is an entitlement that provides money to people with disabilities who cannot work because of their disability. Two types of Social Security disability income exist... Read More »